stand against manimals

I’m just starting to come out of a personal haze and read some of this State of the Union stuff. Did the President actually promise to defend us from animal/human hybrids?


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  1. I don’t know about you but I’m pleased as punch the President finally had the guts to take a stand on this issue. I can barely get to work some mornings because of all the goddamn shiftless mer-men down by the Clearwater bridge.
    Actually he also seems to have adopted Jimmy Carter’s energy policy, though the white house said the next day that it was all a big joke.

      1. Almost
        I’m specifically concerned about the esquilax, the legendary horse with the head of a rabbit and … the body of a rabbit.

      2. Re: Almost
        I just want to take this opportunity to present one of my favorite facts: famous bad movie Night of the Lepus is based on the book “Night of the Angry Rabbit”.

  2. The really unfortunate thing is that there appears to be some genuinely valuable research happening that involves a kind of genetic hybridization between animals and humans in order to patch normally human-specific genetic errors (like the ones that cause Down’s syndrom) into laboratory animals so that the effects can be studied on something other than humans. This would presumably be illegal if Bush is allowed to save us from the idea.

  3. It doesn’t matter at all. Tomorrow he could tell us that we have to aCt quickly because Destro and Dr. Mindbender are gathering the DNA of past tyrants on our planet to create the perfect leader for Cobra, and we’d all have one more magnetic ribbon required on our cars for citizenship : “SUPPORT GI JOE”

    1. State of the Union
      Yeah, remember like three years ago when he said how we’d totally go to the moon and Mars?
      You know we went, right? We were going to call you from there on our cell and say “Hey whasup you’ll never guess where we’re calling from”, but our phone just said “NO SIGNAL” so we couldn’t.
      But we TOTALLY went!

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