First, my mother returned from her long trip to India with a huge freakin’ sack of Indian spices, probably like a $100 run to Lakshmi. Whole cardamom! White pepper! More masala than even I could use up quickly! Mysterious little packets! And a joke gift of some beedees, so I can smoke like it’s 1998.

Also, I’m playing with Google Earth again which is the best toy ever invented in the history of stuff.

14 thoughts on “good THINGS

    1. Small Indian cigarettes wrapped in a leaf instead of paper, and tied up with string. Hippies smoked them a lot around the end of the last century here. They have a bad habit of dislodging chunks of burning stuff that fly across the room and scorch your friends as you’re gesticulating wildly with them.
      They are often fruit flavored and smell kind of funny and herbal, so I guess the hippies liked them because 1) almost like pot and 2) from faraway indian lands.


      1. Oh there are quite a few. I haven’t exactly conducted a throrough search as of yet. But its moving up on my priority list! I was given a cardamom scented candle, but its just not the same.


  1. i’m so jealous i could puke. a friend just returned from india and my dumbass failed to give him ‘the list’ before he left. i’m glad someone with such mad skillz got the spices though. 🙂 enjoy!


      1. Re: plz dont puke thx
        it’s on like donkey kong!
        i absolutely love curry and i’m awful at making it. one dish i can’t seem to master. though i did get some yummy curry powder in jamaica, maybe it’ll do some magic..


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