Emo To Thee My God

  1. The Belgians are invading us with tiny, tiny, tiiiiiny helicopters.
  2. Date a Russian Nesting Doll!
  3. God Bless Hooters Restaurant. I approve of Msgr. Rozycki’s attitude; he’s dead on about the tax collectors and publicans.
  4. Here’s an excellent collection of artists’ handmade alphabet books, via Bibliodyssey.
  5. Clean your keyboard more often. Seriously.
  6. A regurgitated press release “news story” that I won’t even link says that “L.A. Residents are unprepared for terror attack”. Sorry, RAND Corp. We were too busy staying prepared for the earthquakes, fires, mud slides, and civil unrest we’ve experienced in the last 20 years. What the hell is Osama going to do to me that I haven’t figured out how to prepare for already? Grump!
  7. It was a very hot day in this part of Australia, apparently.
  8. The Exploding Aardvark presents: TANG PIE.

10 thoughts on “Emo To Thee My God

  1. …tang…pie…
    There’s this part of my brain that’s stuck in 1970 that just died a little more. Thanks!!

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