good morning aztlan

Last night Sylvia related the amusing story of how she got stabbed at Alberto’s. It’s amusing mostly because she was only slightly injured, and also because I learned the street Spanish for “shut your piehole”.

There was also a long and interesting discussion of the racial politics of primary education around here. I was once again reminded of how lucky I was to have gone to school in the 1970s when “everyone gets along” was the example set starting from the top and working down. My junior high in particular was a cross-section of California ethnic and religious groups, but we had not one incident of racial or other communal violence the whole time I was there. Meanwhile they were telling me about the year at Ensign Middle School that the administration divided the place between the whites and the Mexicans like a prison because of all the fights.

I gave Michelle an MP3 CD of all the Jelly Roll stuff plus some other things which made her very happy. I really like the look on people’s faces when I give them music they haven’t heard and want. This is why I liked being a DJ so much!

There is crazy music from Aquarius winging its way to me, also more RAM for my computer. It’s sunny outside. The cat is cleaning my elbow.

Later this evening, I hope to churn out two book reviews for y’all.

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