There’s good, and there’s emo. And there’s emo disguised as good…

  1. theuglyvolvo has a hilarious description of the difficulty of reading while rowing.
  2. History repeats itself first as tragedy, second as farce, and the third time as a bizarre knockoff for kids.
  3. For aficionados of doom, here’s a good detailed analysis of how close Iran is to a nuclear weapon.
  4. The Panopticon is now a reality in the Netherlands.
  5. The Null Device points to yet another example of my Two Subcultures Rule, which is that any two subcultures must intersect at some point. In this case it’s — wait for it — Goths and the Church of England.
  6. Inevitably, the Internet has coughed up a Lego Tarot.
  7. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a publisher in possession of a popular writer must be in want of a book cover featuring Fabio and raised gold lettering.
  8. There is a whale in Central London.
  9. Jalopnik reports that the woman who posed naked on a car at the North American Auto Show may well have been drugged . Why is this not surprising? If it’s true, I hope everyone goes to jail and/or Hell.

9 thoughts on “There’s good, and there’s emo. And there’s emo disguised as good…

  1. You’d be surprised (or not): a number of queer leatherfolk I know are also rather devout Anglican/Episcopalians. Something about ritual, I hear.


    1. No, the surprising part is when everyone tries to merge their subcultures at once, so that the service gets changed for the goths etc. Anglicans are probably the most flexible mainline denomination at accepting different sorts of people.


  2. unh unh unh
    «<a href=
    >Cells are equipped with microphones that relay information
    to the prison’s control center, where software analyzes sound volume
    and rhythm to alert guards when a violent confrontation between
    inmates may be taking place.»


  3. The Anglicans are just alright with me.
    Upon seeing the Devo 2.0 website, however, I was struck with a very genuine impulse to impale myself on a spike. I had a cataplexy attack and couldn’t shut my browser for a minute. It was terrible.


  4. Devo let me down. I will not cry. Because now I realize that they never loved us. How could they let the most souless children sing “Beautiful World” without a shred of irony? What is gained here besides cash? This can only fuel a cynical downswirl I am in.


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