3 thoughts on “A new approach to my neuropsychiatric treatment

    1. how awesome
      I should have realized you and Mr. F would know someone with that kind of style.
      What’s new… My brain’s doing better and I’ve discovered Greek yogurt. You?

      1. Re: how awesome
        Ooo, Greek yogurt’s so rich and so much less sour than regular stuff. Mmmmm!
        I’m glad to hear your brain’s doing better. I hope it sticks. You’ve got an interesting brain. I think you should write a book.
        I never met Burkhart. Formaldehyde’s been circus/carny/performer since day one, so he met the Burkhart years before he died. I’ bet you’d like Formaldehyde, by the way. He’s a fantastic storyteller and has a wicked sense of humor which I think you’d mostly appreciate.

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