13 thoughts on “salome_st_john is wonderful

      1. Re: well thanks.
        Ok, thanks for making the pregnant lady obsess over butter-sauteed walnuts w/brown sugar in banana bread.
        You sound wonderful.

      2. Re: well thanks.
        And thank you, too. But I have to be wonderful to be friends with . Otherwise the friendship would be terribly unbalanced!
        But I am sorry for making the pregnant lady obsess over the yummies. Maybe I better get busy baking some more…

      3. Re: well thanks.
        becoming quite the baker aren’t we?! seriously though, i have a new bread recipe for you, a beautiful and simple soda bread with rosemary and lots of black pepper. i ate it with a mushroom soup i made, divine! heads up you two, how about dinner next sunday (the 29th)? let me know…

      4. Re: well thanks.
        Yay new recipe! And yay dinner plans! That night works for me…
        Oh, I figured out the saffron. We are silly geese. I’ll tell you later!

    1. It was a spam name she took as her LJ name. I got it in my email and laughed for a long time due to Biblical jokes (LOL SEVERED HEAD) and then she took it.

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