Our Man in Fontana

  1. As much as I like blogging, things like Gather make me twitch. As the Minutemen said, the roar of the masses might be farts. Plus whenever someone starts fulminating about the media elites it makes me all shivery inside.
  2. Being a murdeous gangster or a questing night is very 2000. The hip gaming identity now is tapped-out, bitter, red-eyed, beaten town Kinko’s employee.
  3. Guruphiliac reports that TM’s Maharishi has really lost it completely now and is selling investments with a guaranteed 15% return over three years.
  6. I like this article on feminism by Linda Hirshman. It’s full of good advice about money, sex, and choices. Mostly about money. Money is important.

8 thoughts on “Our Man in Fontana

  1. The Hirshman article would be a lot better if it didn’t address itself solely to the chattering classes, where it’s assumed that women will attend college. As is, it’s got a mile-wide class-blind streak that, to my mind, fatally undermines it. What about women who never had a chance at a college education?

    1. To give her credit, she starts right out saying she’s talking about elites.
      I agree that more attention needs to be paid to the Flatbroke-American Community.
      There’s something particularly lame about people who have the power to live freely choosing not to; I think that’s why the article struck me so. Most of my friends are elites, and I see such poor decisions.

  2. a common thread among the women I interviewed was a self-important idealism about the kinds of intellectual, prestigious, socially meaningful, politics-free jobs worth their incalculably valuable presence.
    Apparently I think like a woman.

  3. Yes, it is an interesting article. She still pisses me off in several important ways. 1) I am well aware I did not “choose”. I am often heard to shriek “this proves the system is rigged!!!” 2) Even making “all the right choices”, as she suggests (younger partner with lower academic status, etc.), is not a guarantee you won’t end up in this position.

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