We’ll always have Perris (slight return)

  1. Always at the frontier of Green Eggs and Ham research, the Taiwanese have made important steps toward the production of Green Ham. Thanks, mrhinelander!
  2. No, your fetus doesn’t mean you can drive in the carpool lane, twit!
  3. Dear LJ: this is a bad idea. Hugs, me.
  4. URSI found the secret Vatican archives! Neat stuff.
  5. Hey look, here’s a blog consultant. DYAAAAH
  6. Also from AdJab, can any of you explain any of this? Something about a lifestyle website, and a blogger who was hired to make it more bloggy and cool, and he’s leaving, and doesn’t want his bloggy cool tainted for “selling out”, and. I need an aspirin.
  7. No matter how much you love her, DO NOT KISS YOUR CHICKEN.
  8. Okay everyone, it’s time for TONIGHT WITH THE BRADMAN! (Google video)
  9. This wonderful Australian online exhibit of artists’ books reminded me of Renée and Judd Hubert’s work at the UCI Library. godforesaken, if you have an email for Judd you should send it to him! Via Bibliodyssey page that has some greatest hits.
  10. Someday I’ll meet her, someday I’ll court her, someday she’ll wear my ring.
  11. Augh, again with the Indigo Kids (ny times).

13 thoughts on “We’ll always have Perris (slight return)

  1. I’ll have to keep updating so I can’t get nudged
    It seems that has updated their journal within the past week. While we appreciate that you’d like to hear from them, you cannot nudge them at this time.
    At least they thought of that.


  2. 1) “Are Suess fans a cult? News at 11.”
    2) Oy.
    3) One of them is dead. =/
    4) Bookmarked.
    5) He’s obviously never been laid.
    6) You just don’t know what’s cool. ;P
    7) Duh!
    8) More evidence that males should be out-bred.
    9) No linky link. 😦
    10) Ah, so you’re Goatse. lol
    11) “Teacher, leave those kids alone!”


  3. Lousy PIGS
    Nerts, I misunderstood that fluorescent pigs article. I thought the pigs were in fact weakly luminescent (glow in the dark) and highly fluorescent (glow under black light), which would have made them EXACTLY LIKE THOSE WHAMMO FRISBEES AND YOYOS, you see. One reason I thought this is that the pigs when viewed in white light are exactly that color, Whammo Moonlighter Frisbee Brand Flying Disc only-a-tiny-bit-green.
    So the pigs are NOT glow-in-the-dark. The pigs are merely a fluorescent greenish-white with green snout-tips and allegedly green organs. Because their DNA was intermingled with jellyfish DNA, by scientists from National Taiwan University’s Department of Animal Science and Technology.
    (Moving Day tip: boxes are bulky, even when folded. If you leave them behind, you’ll have room for more whiskey.)


  4. no. 9. awesome! i spent the morning looking at this and did in fact forward it to Judd and a few others. at the library we’ve been talking about including images in bibliographic records for visual materials, and the records here, though not MARC, are fantastic examples.


  5. The Indigo Kids were also mentioned in an article in Jan.16th’s New Yorker. There was an article about a highly gifted kid named Brandenn (he added the extra n when he was two years old) who out of practically no where shot himself to death. Toward the end of the article it comes out that the mother thinks he is an Indigo Kid, and that he killed himself because his time on earth was complete and he sensed that some other people could use his organs (his body was harvested and it helped save a lot of lives). The article didn’t mention the origins of the title (the aura thing), but it was funny how a few of the seemingly regular people from the article all of sudden went, “Oh yeah, I’m also a psychic medium. And I’m talking to Brandenn right now.” “He is an angel who wanted to briefly experience mortality.”
    It wasn’t the main point of the article, but it definitely added an odd element to it. I saw it coming, because of this Times article, but for others I’m sure it was a bit abrupt.


    1. I heard about that article but didn’t read it. I’ll have to dig it up because this madness fascinates me.
      Poor Brandenn. Never had a chance with those parents.


      1. For the parents’ part, though, they were less driving than most parents of highly gifted kids. They sort of just let him do whatever he wanted to do, and do things at his one pace (with guidance from “professionals”). He wanted to finish high school early and compose new age music on the piano. But still, it was a very insular family, and it didn’t help that they lived on a giant farm miles from everything. There was no suicide note, and no obvious motive. And the story’s main focus is on how adjusted the kid seemed when compared to other HGCs.
        Plus, the mom didn’t know about indigo childlings until after he was dead.


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