1. Double double drama as In-N-Out Burger Family Sues Each Other. For a Christian company they can’t get any luck. First all their execs pancake into the Santa Ana Auto Mall in a business jet crash, now there’s a burger schism.
  2. Before we really figured out anatomy as a science, we made some pretty amazing anatomical art about it.
  3. QOTD: You end up with an alcoholic energy drink that belches out smoke.
  4. As much as I dislike Vice, this is a good collection of found video stuff, including of course Jack Rebney but also some things I didn’t know about.
  5. What happens when you mix Diet Coke and Mentos? (Google Video)
  6. Jeff points out that the tag “trainwreck” produces some pure freakin comedy gold.
  7. Clearly I need better sweaters.
  9. The Knife Show Guys meet Jesus, as Pastor Rod pimps out his sword for sale.
  10. Thank you Aardvark:
  11. The latest thing for thieves to take from your car is the entire freakin door.
  12. There may be coyotes all over your town. I knew there were lots here, but I live less than a mile from their preserved habitat.

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  1. #12
    I have seen coyotes loping along calm as you please in the flats of Beverly Hills at two/three in the morning. I’d slow down to look and they’d be all ‘yeah, what?’ lol

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