Charon sneers at your beads

New Orleans is attempting to go ahead with Mardi Gras starting February 28th. That should be awesome, because nothing goes together like half-naked women, vomiting frat boys, and cholera.

What’s even MORE awesome is that they’re seeking corporate sponsorship for the first time ever:

NEW YORK ( — New Orleans has hired Los Angeles-based Media Buys to secure corporate sponsorship for Mardi Gras next month, the first time the city has sought to offset the expenses of the carnival with marketing.

That tidbit via Adjab.

Remember folks, corporate sponsorship means corporate liability!.

4 thoughts on “Charon sneers at your beads

  1. oops…didn’t read that carefully enough. at first I thought NASA was implying that people could only take pictures of it if they first informed nasa of their intent…which seemed pretty strange since it was going to be a giant fireball in the sky.

      1. synchronicity
        Maybe the fireball will bounce off a space obstruction and hit the Quarter instead, thus incinerating thousands of frat losers and causing the remaining inhabitants of New Orleans to finally crack a smile.

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