Slumming for dollars


I’ve seen people beg for money, lie, and make outrageous claims of things like HIV infection before and get away with it. On internet forums. And not for very long.

Apparently you can take this act big-time if you’re a couple of aging hipsters who want to get into the “music world” and meet famous people.

These people should be given scrofula and then sent to live in Pahrump, NV in a trailer for life.

13 thoughts on “Slumming for dollars

    1. It’s clear that instead of whingeing about my difficult life I should flat-out lie and shriek about my impossibly over-the-top nightmare life. 3) Profit


      1. every time some therapist says “you’re being resistant to treatment!” you would kill them. secretly. and make it look like natural causes. then you can go on Oprah and be contrite and say you’re a Criminal with a capital C. the ladies love criminals. it would be huge. you gotta do this, if not for you, then for who stands to profit from her internet affiliation with you. and me, because i really really need to see that rat love story on the best-seller list.
        didn’t you kill a man in vegas once?


    2. I went to the Radcliffe Publishing Course with the editor, Sean McDonald. From the picture in the article I can tell that he is richer than me and I’m fatter than him. I lose on all counts.


      1. buit cmon, could you live with yourself knowing that you were responsible for turning that book from fiction to non-fiction, duping millions of people? you don’t have to answer that. hey, did he learn that Radcliffe, that fiction/non-fiction trick, or did he pick that up at random house? i used to work at RH, and i’m betting he learned it there.


      2. Re: Fick shun
        I, too, can be a Criminal. Oh, wait, I think I already am. I’m pretty sure I killed a Priest in France once, for recommending some cheese. “I’m a friggin VEGAN, you goddamn cossac-wearin’ FREAK.” Also, I beat a capybera in a staring contest.


  1. While I was in Vegas, patrick and I actually considered driving to Pahrump. It’s where all of the whorehouses are, but mostly, I just liked the name. We were excited about hte prospect of seeing hookers doing ordinary things like shopping for groceries, etc.


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