You don’t make me feel like I’m a woman any more.

  1. friendly_bandit and others may like Stuff from the Park, a blog mostly of vintage Disneyland pictures.
  2. For those days when you smell so bad you melt watches, the Salvador Dali Deodorant.
  3. Ursi linked to this crazy-ass over-the-top watch. I’m not a fan of expensive watches but this one pressed my geek button pretty hard.
  4. Like ghost towns? Here’s way too many pictures of them.
  5. If you date someone and then it goes south on you, here’s a tip. Don’t get your ex’s name as a domain and post thousands of words about the breakup. It’s considered poor form. (via

6 thoughts on “You don’t make me feel like I’m a woman any more.

  1. Custom Boots
    “But the whole summer you were enjoying your skating with those boots. Do not think that I am stupid enough to not realize that the only reason you played nice with me was because you knew within your mind that if you did in fact tell me that it was over that I would likely take the boots back. “.
    OH MAN.


  2. ex files
    “. If I had violated the trust by sleeping with another, or even something such as spending my spare evenings in strip clubs. ”
    God, why does everybody write like smoove b?


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