I got second place in the spelling bee due to failing “colloquialism”

  1. And so Hummer Nation comes full circle as the limos are called upon to serve.
  2. Someone went and open sourced The Order of the Golden Dawn. Aleister Crowley would have made a great dot-com CEO. That combination of brilliance, brazen dishonesty, and charisma is good for “magick” and IPOs.
  3. I think that odradak among others will like the art of Kevin Hauff. Somewhere between Terry Gilliam and Futurism.
  4. Highland Park is the latest place where youngish middle-class people are bumping into the underclass. It’s no Silverlake, and it has defeated a lot of them. So far, Neal Pollack is no exception. The neighborhood does have its charms, but the gang members are hardcore and it’s one of the most racially divided neighborhoods in Los Angeles by my experience. It’s a place to tread lightly if you’re not a local.
  5. There’s big money to be made in posttraumatic stress disorder, especially if you get a government contract to counsel soldiers and claim an insane success rate publicly.
  7. Today’s “I can’t believe anyone said this” quote is from the Google Video Blog: “In the course of popular music, there are few bands who came from more humble beginnings than Nirvana.” LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE FORGOT ABOUT THE “NEGROES” AGAIN!!1!!
  8. wearescott was kind enough to point out the only government-hosted furry web page I’ve seen yet. It’s easy to say that we are all Proud to be at Furry.
  9. I was once again reminded today that moschus is the Marie Antoinette and Michelle Phillips of crappy horror fiction.
  10. The Orange County version of Mr. Joyboy from The Loved One: Retired PR Guy Helps Retirees Write Their Obits. May require bugmenot to see, stupid registration thing.
  11. Girls are so hot when they’re slowly licking and sucking an abstinence lollipop. I wonder if you can get abstinence thongs at Cafe Press too? Via Feministing.

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