Dog; fritter; FRITTERSCAPE

Catherine has a new dog, Boca. Boca’s lower jaw protrudes to a degree that suggests she is a reptile rather than a dog. She is a very sweet animal.


I made a fritter tonight out of leftover mashed potatoes and egg. I ate it, but first I took pictures of it. I have thought about this fritter all day and it was just as good as I had imagined it would be.


Because of my love for the fritter I also made a desktop image that is a cropped fritterscape.


If you want a fritterscape, click on it and you can get larger versions of it from flickr.

I sent a message to the LJ about how cool I think Martin Diedrich’s new coffee place, Kéan, is. But post by email blew today so you didn’t see that.

I really liked that fritter.

7 thoughts on “Dog; fritter; FRITTERSCAPE

    1. Usually sour cream or applesauce. This time I just had it plain because 1) already lots of butter 2) mashed potato leftovers were very flavorful already 3) OH GOD NO TIME MUST SMASH INTO FACE


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