Volcano Suns – The Bright Orange Years

By request from jeffholland and others will enjoy it too. Post Mission of Burma band with similar sound. They fall right between post-punk and grunge, in that mid to late 1980s group that included Hüsker Dü, Soul Asylum before they went pop, Otto’s Chemical Lounge, etc.

The Bright Orange Years (dir of MP3s).

You know, I just realized why I fucking hate emo music so much. It’s this stuff, ruined. Emo is what happens when you try to do Zen Arcade or Made to be Broken and you’re a mallpunk with no soul.

6 thoughts on “Volcano Suns – The Bright Orange Years

  1. Are you talkin’ Moss Icon, Rites of Spring, Indian Summer, Constatine Sankathi, etc. -type emo? Or the stuff that just co-opted the word and has nothing to do with the progenitors of the style that should be rightfully associated with it?

      1. I’m pretty sure the point of it all was to make one grumpy. But it’s most effective if you’re an angsty teen, and you like to hear people scream.
        Moss Icon is a band from the late ’80s, before (I’m sure) the term ever existed in this context (same for Rites of Spring – though I don’t really like them). They mostly sang about dead indians. These days the word seems to be associated with punk bands that sing love songs, and bands happily self-label themselves with it. Anyway, I was into “it” up until about 1997.

  2. volcano suns mp3’s
    wouldn’t stll happen to have these
    ya I know,I’m posting outta no-where but
    I gots to get some Suns mp3,especially Bright Orange years
    please,pretty please with sugar on top

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