We are such stuff as dweebs are made of

  1. Only the power of drugs can put a submarine in the mountains. Shades of Fitzcarraldo!
  2. From several sources, the Headline of the Year: STALIN’S HALF-MAN, HALF-APE SUPER-WARRIORS.
  3. O Christmas Toad, O Christmas Toad, you take from the undeserving.
  4. New horrors of mobile phones: the woman next to you on the train may be testing out her smelltones.
  5. Uh. Mel. Uh. WHAT? Mayans… what?
  6. Ever wondered what happens when you give a baseball 19,000 coats of paint?

One thought on “We are such stuff as dweebs are made of

  1. [watches APOCALYPTO trailer]
    you know, people make fun of me for watching Doctor Who, but huge numbers of people will go see this
    The mind, it boggles.

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