pumpkin muffins with cream cheese

  1. Yoga with the President. I wonder if you put him in the microwave is it Bikram?
  2. I had no idea that Bill Maher was such a post-scientific assclown about vaccination. That’s depressing, especially in a public figure who’s encouraging all the other nuts. Go back to making fun of politicians, Bill.
  3. Consumerist reports on one woman’s awesome and total victory over her cellphone company. FINISH HIM! Also, tea. Schneier has a typically good analysis of this situation.
  4. ATTACK OF THE SNAKE SPIDER DANCER, video via cruel.com
  5. Albert Robida, O.G. 1890s steampunk.
  6. Here’s a variant on steampunk we might call atollpunk: What if Polynesian natives built electronics?
  7. Let’s all go Mach 5.5 in a jet fuel powered scramjet.

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