18 thoughts on “unfairness

    Few Speak The Truth
    But Always Remember U Are Never Alone
    Those That Watch and Those That See
    Appreciate The Error Of Your Ways
    And On A Long Enough Time Line We All
    Reach Zero In This Realm, So Make It
    Later Than Sooner….You Are Appreciated
    And Thought Of In Circles U Know Nothing About
    Shaka, And Take Some Aspirin, And Get Some Sleep
    Shit Negro, All U Had Say Was Dat The Sivar Was
    Coming Directly
    The Quizatsatterak
    Dictated, But Never Spoken Nor Read

      1. We All Want To Wake Up
        A Nightmare To Some
        An Endless Journey To Others
        And Well, Just A Cyclic Thing
        To Most
        You Can Do It My Fiend
        No Worries
        Drive On
        Literal And Figurative
        The Quizatsatterak

      1. Splice
        Lucid Dream
        Hey Doe, Where Are Your Cheap Ass Nikes?
        Where Are Your Purple Capes?
        I Am Not Afraid Of Heights
        Dream Lucid
        The Quizatsatterak

    1. Well, yes. I meant in the sense that it’s likely I will spend my life alone and then die not having understood why.
      Although the image of everyone getting together for a group hug as we convulse into the grave is a nice bit of black humor!

  2. you could instead spend a lot of your life with someone, only to have that life revealed as a hollow parody of itself. over and over again. and then you die alone anyway.

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