Making friends with salad

  1. Where the PLUTONIUM AT?
  2. Your tax dollars at work: Go shorty, it’s yo bat mitzvah. I would love to have been a roadie at this gig.
  3. AdJab pointed to today’s weird weird use of licensed clip art. Maybe she’s worried Linus is going to cap her if she keeps stalking him?
  4. Hummer + Fiat = COMEDY GOLD! This is like the Giorgio Moroder version of a hip-hop ride. What. The. HEY. Let’s all flashdance in my 8 ton neon femme-mobile!
  5. This is interesting. A story on Feministing about discrimination against female firefighters draws first the typical Internet troll who bashes women firefighters, and then a full body slam on both this guy and the article from an actual woman firefighter who has a totally different backstory. Unsurprisingly, it turns out to be about money.
  6. For the twee Japanese rocker girl in your life, or the Comic Book Guy who likes thinking about twee Japanese rocker girls, here’s the Hello Kitty Guitar. I think rumplestimpskin needs the Badtz Maru Bass, so I’ll have to steal one for her.
  7. We joked about Gogurt and Vodka years ago. Now there’s uh… go vodka? Blerghk!

12 thoughts on “Making friends with salad

  1. (try that again, but specify Plutonium this time instead of Platinum. I always do that.)
    The missing Pu is an old story, though they seem to have raised the poundage. It’s up the air vents, in the filters, on the workers’ clothes, down their lungs, in their bones, in their graves, and sprayed all over the landscape as a fine dust – for decades and decades. Not the best process control. Mmmmm, Hanford, home home on the range, where the cancerous deer and the five-eyed antelope play.

    1. You’re SOAKING in it!
      Yeah, Hanford especially is a hoot. I think it’s the worst ecomess outside the Eastern Bloc. I used to know someone who had worked there. Later in life she spent something like 3 years in bed with mysterious unfixable jaundice and other liver problems. Then, she miraculously got better.

  2. The missing plutonium was disturbing, so I glanced quickly and moved on, hoping for a laugh with the Fiat Hummer. I was thinking it would be a Hummer the size of a Spyder, which would be pretty cool, a car with little-guy complex. As it turns out, the Fiat Hummer is pretty distrubing too.

    1. on every little girl’s Christmas wish-list
      It’s the Barbie Hummer!
      Actually, it looks more like Sexually-Ambiguous Ken’s Hummer, but I don’t think Mattel would go for that.

  3. Every time I glance at #5 I read Feministing as Fisting or Feminist Fisting or something. For some reason, it makes me think of the first time I heard my mother say the word fisting, which is not a memory I like to dwell on very often.

  4. I still can’t convince myself that that that Fiat is life-size.
    where do you stuff the Micronauts figures, and does it come with laser cannons sold seperately?

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