Day with lot fate when it is the same as lover and friend.

  1. The previously reported Hausfrau Strippercize Trend now includes a company that sells portable pole-dancing equipment. An amusing and/or horrifying ad for this is viewable here (SFW). They also sell a lapdancing kit. I was not aware that lap dances required a kit. Via Adjab.
  2. This lamer on the run from the cops tried a few things, including an attempted carjacking along the way in Wildomar, CA. For local reference, that’s where Bob Trout lives, and he has no idea how lucky he is not to have carjacked Bob & Mary. I can imagine the story later. “He was telling Mary to give up the keys when I took the gun away. Had to take a couple fingers too. Put ’em in a baggie, poor fucker will need ’em in the joint.”
  3. This person shares my exact feelings about skepticism: It’s a love/hate relationship.
  4. High-quality crazy via mendel I forgot to mention that my life is very similar to that of the celebee or the forest guardian in the Japanese anime Pokeman Forever movie.
  5. The Exploding Aardvark has today’s best headline: GOAT ATTACKS COULDN’T KEEP HER FROM CHURCH.
  6. This craigslist poster seems to have good values, but her language skills result in comedy: Why not to spend your evening cuddling with your love ones VS warming a chair in an office and burning your brain to be remember by whom?
  7. The Vark also gave me Mondo Croquet, which reminds me of the way I played croquet in our back yard as a kid, except with BIGGER BALLS.
  8. One more varklink: Where’s the toxics at in my neighborhood? (USA)
  9. Jalopnik linked to the most fabulously fucking awesome drifting video ever. How he doesn’t roll, I do not know. Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “Day with lot fate when it is the same as lover and friend.

  1. “Once you have completed the course by striking the starting flag post, you become a zombie.”
    That’s different, too, isn’t it? I was playing croquet up until about a year ago (until my near-paralyzing injury after an unlucky ricochet against a flag stick), but we never turned into zombies at hitting the flag. We just “had” to drink a few sips of wine. Mondo croquet looks fun, but I’d imagine there’d be some serious burn-out. Those mallets probably weigh ten pounds.


  2. I admit I am pleased to discover that at least some cases of obesity arise from artifical government mind-control gas hologram implantation and not from hamburgers.


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