1. FAMOUS CALGARIANS. School projects done about places remote to me are funny. I do not know why. Also, “Dr. Thomas Henry Blow”.
  2. I also like art by nuts and weirdos, like this exhibition of obsessive drawing.
  3. Let’s all collect RADIOACTIVE CONSUMER PRODUCTS! (Thanks, Vark!
  4. Kiss me deadly, goober. Way to confirm every allergy maniac’s fears, start a wave of urban legends, and cause ADDITIONAL fear of sex among teens! Girls, I am processed in a facility that also processes peanuts. In case you’re curious.
  5. They finally figured out how bees do it. The next step will be investigation of the educated fleas.
  6. In other Mad Science News, the mysterious cartoon spring noises that issue from the depths of the ocean have finally been identified. (via pharyngula).
  7. Who is the Father of Lies? What is Madison Avenue? Yet another proof of my rule that “Cyber” must always be replaced with “Bozo” is “Cyber Monday”. Courtesy the slacktivist.


  1. The next step will be investigation of the educated fleas.
    You are my hero.
    Also: “Barlow was among the scientists onboard a research vessel near the Hawaiian Islands in 2002 that made the minke-boing connection.”

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