1. When, exactly, would you need USB powered warmed slippers? If you have no way to power slippers, won’t your laptop battery die in 20 minutes heating your feet? I guess if you have only one power plug and the computer’s plugged into it, and it’s cold, because it’s night and you’re at the office and they don’t turn the heat on, and. Oh well. Japan is weird.
  2. The Aetheronomy (?) people don’t like Wikipedia very much. This page is worth it just for the illustration, but the psychoceramica is also amazing.
  3. In other net kook news, Jeff Eaton covers a shocking abuse of the media so well I chorfed my coffee.
  4. Effect Measure points out that quarantines and restrictive measures are pointless if something like bird flu goes into human-to-human pandemic mode.
  5. The Truck Muscle Asshole thing is over. OVER. PLEASE? No, they’re still doing this stupid shit. We’re going to Dude Ranch ourselves into the fucking Apocalypse.

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