This is not your pedophile tourism country, sir.

Oh, Gary..

Bonus points for: “One of my colleagues recognized him immediately”, “Nguyen Van Phuc”.

Max sentence is 5 years there, but I imagine the Vietnamese prison Western Nation prison correspondence is like dog years.

4 thoughts on “This is not your pedophile tourism country, sir.

  1. There is also the possibility of him being deported to the UK, where he would face an even longer sentence for neglecting to sign the sex offenders’ register. Oops!
    Wasn’t he living in Cuba for a while (and even released a record recorded there, which the murdochs here urged readers to not buy), before El Fidelissimo decided that the negative publicity and/or molested children outweighed the hard currency benefits? Perhaps, if he gets out of this one, he should next try living in the tribal frontiers of Pakistan, next door to Mr. Bin Laden?

  2. I wish his tracks from the 70’s weren’t so cheesy cool. DAMMIT !!!! If he did the crime, dust him. Poof – dead. No tolerance for child molestors.
    what is the moral solution to enjoying a pedophile’s music? is it reprehensible to separate the two?

  3. Dude, child molesters go to state prisons in the U.S.A., and those prisons are already pretty deep holes. Child molesters go straight to the bottom of those holes, and frequently don’t ever come out alive.
    However, once the new “Streamlined Procedures Act” goes into effect (Congress will certainly pass it), I predict our prisons will plumb new depths of horror.

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