On second thought, maybe I don’t understand the supernova scene.

Link Wray died.

It’s hard to use spinach in stir fries because of the water issue.

There are a couple of person-shaped holes in my life that are going to be hard to fill.

The butternut, it turns out, is a kind of walnut.


Cats like the corn starch that biodegradable plastic bags are made from.

I need to learn how to be alone.

15 thoughts on “On second thought, maybe I don’t understand the supernova scene.

  1. oh, conrad.
    1. wilt them very (very) late in the stirfry.
    2. playdoh is perfect.
    3. that’s fucked up.
    4. that explains why my roommate’s cat ate a produce bag and almost died.
    5. everyone does? at least that’s what i like to tell myself.

    1. Re: oh, conrad.
      1. I did, but too late. I think maybe I should microwave and drain them.
      2. i have the doh part already
      3. oy
      4. yeah, the bag thing is a discussion item among catologists
      5. yes. ugh.

      1. 0. Yes, sorry to hear about the patron saint of barcords.
        1. Very late, as in, as you are turning off the heat always works for me. The spinach even still has a little of its shape.

      2. Yeah, I put it in *real* late. I just get annoyed at all the water in my stir fry. I think I’m essentially at war with Nature, here.

      3. disclaimer..* I am not a cook, I only come put grease fires out*
        but anyways, if the water bothers you, what about wilting them in a seperate pan and then adding them after the heat is removed?
        Like I said, my ideas suck here 🙂

  2. My father got a big box of butternuts once from a fellow CR devotee with a butternut tree in his backyard. The problem was, the damn things were impregnable. My rats were the only ones who could open them, through a laborious process of repeated scraping with their mighty incisors. It took fifteen minutes per butternut. I still have the hulls of the nuts they scraped open — they look like trepanned skulls from days of yore.

    1. The Wikipedia article on the walnut family says that the thing we call a “walnut” is a particularly easy to open variant, and that the others aren’t fun to open generally, particularly the black walnut. One amusing detail is that black walnut shells are used to strengthen car tires.
      Any nut shell that stops a rat for 15 minutes is worthy of respect.

  3. I really liked the term you used, “person-shaped hole”. You used it once while consoling me. It sunk in. It helped.
    Sadly enough… being alone is the only way to learn how to be alone.

  4. I think learning how to be alone is one of the most important self-care steps an adult can take. It is hard. But it matters. If you don’t *need* other people to fill your loneliness, if instead you can enjoy them and want them for who they are, and who you are together, you’ll have an easier time making and keeping friends.
    Um, that’s a general ‘you’, not a specific one, being as how I don’t know you yet.

  5. Don’t microwave spinach unless you want it to lose most of its nutritional value. My favourite way to cook spinach comes from my mom: just stir-fry it very quickly with quite a lot of garlic, then salt it and eat along with whatever else you’ve made (and rice, of course).

    1. You’re right about the nutritional problem. My usual way to cook spinach is to fry/steam it very quickly in a very large pan and then dump a little lemon juice on it and serve it. I recently acquired a gigantic pan just for this purpose, and I call it my “enough fresh spinach pan” because it is the only one I own where I can cook enough in one go to satisfy two people.

  6. The whole Link thing is just weird. Some guy on the Cowabunga list was talking about Link’s funeral. But it turned out he’d confused him with some other guy. Just as that gets cleared up, Link actually dies.

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