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  1. New hope and new worries about malaria from the Aetiology blog. If you’re interested in the fate of humanity, you’re interested in malaria. Keep up on it.
  2. For friendly_bandit and other BNL fans: The Barenaked Ladies on a memory stick!
  3. The Numenware guy reminds us that translation is hard. Especially of poetry. About religion. From radically different cultures.
  4. Watch out for that new Internet squeeze. You may be fucking a sock puppet. When I worked at the newspaper we used to run fake classifieds to fill out a short column, but we never went out with our prank victims!
  6. Hey gcrumb: THE MESSIAH IS COMING TO VANUATU! Well actually it’s just Sun-Myung Moon.

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  1. Malaria is FUCKING SCARY. Especially because it’s also common in areas that have NO PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION of medicine distribution, leading of course to:
    Additionally, evolution, as we often see, has caused both the parasites that cause the disease (one of four species of Plasmodium) and the mosquitoes that transmit it (Anopheles species) to become resistant to our efforts to stop them.
    But wait, man. Evolution doesn’t exists. It’s God’s intelligent design that causes all our medications to stop working after a while.
    I wish someone would fix the Numenware lj feed. I don’t think to check the page ever. That was a great article.

    1. Truth be told, malaria shouldn’t be nearly the problem that it is. With proper treatment, it’s really not much of a threat at all. A Kenyan friend of mine treats it as a infrequent but regular nuisance on the scale of flu season in North America.
      The problem, as you rightly point out, is not the illness, nor the lack of medical remedy. It’s the lack of resources and desire to actually do anything about it.

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