There are no words.

Alexithymia, or ‘no words for feelings’, refers to an impairment of the ability to identify and communicate one’s emotional state, in addition to diminished affect-related fantasy and imagery. A recent study by Mantani et al. reported reduced activation of the posterior cingulate cortex in people with alexithymia when they imagined a future happy event. This finding augments the emerging understanding of the neural basis of alexithymia, and potentially provides valuable insights into brain systems underlying normal emotion processing.

Abstract of study, via EEGAlert.

5 thoughts on “There are no words.

  1. Lauren Bosworth: How far are you and Stephen away from each other?
    Lauren Conrad: Like, five minutes.
    Lauren Bosworth: Really?
    Lauren Bosworth: I think you guys are gonna get married.
    Lauren Conrad: I think we’re gonna be best friends.
    Lauren Bosworth: That stuff happens, though, you know, like.
    Lauren Conrad: I don’t wanna marry Stephen.
    Lauren Bosworth: Why? He’s cute, you’d have pretty babies.
    Jen: You would have pretty babies, your babies would be like the popular people at school.
    Lauren Conrad: That’s sweet.
    Jen: They would.
    Laguna Beach: The Real O.C.

      1. it’s very 1870. tres chic!
        borderline personality disorder = ‘being a human female with basic emotional depth’
        pms = ‘perfectly natural and cycled hormone fluctuation’
        (those are my two favorite ways that medicine and society tell me i am abnormal and ill just for existing)

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