this song don’t have no video

  1. This is some impressive video of the recent Iowa tornado. You have to ask about the brainpower of someone who was running around in the middle of that with a camcorder, much less with an unleashed dog.
  2. Via springheel_jack: Why does this bird hate dominos?
  3. wearescott directs me to the nightmare world of Paula Dean’s cooking show. She puts WHAT on her hot dogs?
  4. Oldest living Australian celebrates her 175th birthday with a hibiscus flower cake. So, Harriet, what was Darwin like?
  5. Also from Aetiology, a detailed analysis of the science of cow tipping.
  6. NASCARlequin wasn’t enough. We present: 50 Cent Novels.
  7. The new lame-o journalism term is apparently “ubersexual”, referring I guess to… plain old-fashioned masculinity. Or something. This is tiresome because 1) who needed a name for that? 2) neologism! argh and especially 3) “uber” as a prefix suggests faux-Nietzsche Nazi horse pucky and needs to go away. Thanks in advance!

10 thoughts on “this song don’t have no video

  1. Re: Paula – she seems like a really nice lady, and let’s face it, the whole Artery-Clogging Diet is a national phenomenon. The Giada page referenced there is much more scary. That woman has WAY MORE than 32 teeth.
    Re: Cow Tipping – I had a friend in college who grew up on a farm who had in fact seen cow tippings. The problem the researchers have is that they’re doing it wrong. you need three people, two to simultaneously hit the reflex points of the cow’s knees on one side and a third to push from the other side.


      1. Bullshit.
        You had a friend in college who told you he saw cow tippings? That’s authoritative? No. That’s a FOAF. I’m surprised at you. The fact that it isn’t exactly precisely A Friend Of A Friend doesn’t make your evidence any good.


      2. Oh, I didn’t intend it as actual evidence. It’s anecdotal. WE’RE TALKING ABOUT COW TIPPING FOR FUCK’S SAKE. 🙂
        Really, I only bring it up as a possible counter example to the colorful physics diagram, as my explanation goes a different way. I’m thinking outside the box here. Please let me out of the box? Please???


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