A tree grows in Stanton

  1. EgyptologyAlert: cool photos of a “virtual autopsy”!
  2. I am still in love with Agnieska. Also, she’s still a great photographer.
  3. Episcopalian church harassed by the IRS for a nonpartisan anti-war sermon. It’s true, we need to root out those radical, seditious, treacherous Episcopalians.
  4. The Sony DRM nightmare can come true on Macs as well if you make the mistake of putting in your admin password when their “enhanced stuff” program asks you to. Macintouch has details.
  5. My country grows too much corn (maize). In the past we’ve dealt with this by putting high-fructose corn syrup in food (oops obesity) and putting ethanol in cars (oops pointless pork barrel fuckup). Now we’re thinking outside the box and making socks for Japanese people out of the stuff.
  6. All about coffee houses, a description from 1661.

    At this place a man is cheated of what is, by far more valuable than Mony, that is, Time. A constant Companion of this House going in all haste for a Midwife, or to save the life of a Friend then dying, must call in, and drink at least his two dishes of Coffee and his two Pipes of Tobacco. And which is yet more wonderful, many persons prefer Coffee, (and the Company, which love it) before the gain of money, for many men neglect their Callings and Vocation, to tattle away their time over two or three dishes of

    Gosh, we wouldn’t know anything about that.

  7. Schneier reports on the military uses of Silly String.
  8. Yahoo Pirate Map! Maybe we can find treasure.
  9. Our local univers hospital, UCI Medical Center, has apparently totally jacked up their transplant program to the extent that patients have died waiting for organs as the hospital refused offers of organs. Oh hey great. This after the 1990 “you stole and sold my eggs” scandal and then the 1999 “you’re running a human chop shop and renting out autopsies in the note-taking place and selling people’s spines” one.

8 thoughts on “A tree grows in Stanton

    You forget the best part about the eggs scandal. It took UCI two years to finally remove the professors responsible for the scandal from the faculty and payroll, even though they had already absconded with the cash. Let’s hear it for tenure!
    Didn’t those guys also fertilize a lot of the embryos with their own sperm, too?

  2. My ex-father worked for a gas company. I remember in the late 70’s or early 80’s he got a t-shirt that said ethanol with 4 large partially husked ears of corn and gas nozzles hooked to the side.
    On the back it said “The Fuel of the Future!”

  3. Coffee
    My theory for why olde timey Europeans were so bonkers over coffee is that they were in such crappy health that anything more than a bowl of peaseporridge and an ounce of beef tendon would have been a mind-altering experience for them.

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