Take 5, C.

  1. It’s a little known fact that the Superfriends had a filipina maid, and she didn’t like the gig very much. Flash from a Rex Navarette routine. His bit about SBC Packers is here on Newgrounds. I really miss working with Filipino people when I was in health care. They have the best sense of humor ever. Courtesy Anna Pirhana.
  2. Audiophile idiots make me laugh really really hard. Yeah, get me some of those $30K cables. (via The Null Device and Gizmodo).
  3. I like webcams, but I really don’t see the necessity of a live cam of dentistry as it happens.
  4. Albert Brooks is pretty good on what it’s like to be a boomer who doesn’t like lame boomer culture or advertising overload. Gives me more sympathy for a generation that mostly annoys me.
  5. This woman is a God Warrior, indeed. She should join a black metal band. (video, shrieking, cringeworthy, courtesy wearescott.
  6. Those confused by the riots in France would do well to read this informative backgrounder on why the country is currently on fire.
  7. The joys of aviation testing: “bonking” at 800 knots and seeing how we do in a spin. Both from Maciej’s del.icio.us page.
  8. The always-useful Aardvark points us to a Mindhacks article on artist Richard Dadd, a deranged artist who heard the voice of Osiris in hookah noises and painted wonderful art while locked up in Broadmoor Hospital. Fans of Louis Wain will be interested.
  9. Here are some excerpts from one of the books in that NASCARlequin series. You’re welcome.
  10. Uhh… fancy box wine?? No.
  11. Lit-Dork Alert: Nabokov on translation.
  12. Own a piece of L.A. Punk History! I’m not really a Bad Religion fan, though.
  13. We might be saved from asteroid impact by playing gravity billiards in space. Very awesome.

14 thoughts on “Take 5, C.

  1. Governments could then prepare to evacuate affected regions. “In many cases it makes more economic sense to just let the thing hit,” he says.
    We’re fucked.

  2. Sense of humour varies…
    it depends on what Healthcare situation you encountered them in. I worked with quite a few in Rest Homes, and let me tell you, I have never seen such ruthless & callous people in my life. They treated the patients (elderly & often incapacitated) like pure shit. Particularly when it was time to go on break. I saw them simply abandon patients in hallways on more than one occasion.
    A few were very nice – those usually turned out to be he/shes.

    1. Re: Sense of humour varies…
      Yes, I know what you mean. Bad warehouse health care people are lesser demons. The people I worked with were in a very different workplace and well-paid, etc.

  3. Kosmic Klownkar
    That “God Warrior” woman makes me think that Karl/Groucho/Richard Marx got it wrong when he said that religion is the opium of the masses; clearly it is sometimes the angeldust of the masses.

  4. Fancy box wine yes! It’s like the whole real vs. synthetic cork thing. The only reason that real corks haven’t been completely replaced by synthetic ones in new bottlings is that wineries are afraid that people will think their wine isn’t good because it doesn’t use a real cork. Instead we risk corked wine.
    The bag-in-a-box is a fantastic way of packaging wine because the first time the wine reaches the air is when it leaves the spigot. This means that you have to decant it if it needs to breathe a bit before it’s served, but that’s fine; the rest of the wine in the bag will keep for a long time after it’s been “opened” because as far as the wine’s concerned it’s not open until you pour it.
    But it’s the synthetic-cork problem again; cheap wines come in boxes, so you can’t get decent wines in THE PACKAGE OF THE FUTUUUUURE because of the association.

    1. Way less likely to succeed quickly, though. It’s going to be harder to convince people to give up glass than to give up the cork.
      I want screwtop wine. I HATE corks.

      1. No argument with any of that. What would make me happy is to find a couple enjoyable, midrange boxed wines to keep on hand as “house wines” for when I don’t want to unscrew a bottle of the good stuff.

      2. Also, I just took a second look at the packaging in the linked article, and a red label and a burgundy spout for an opaque container of white wine is maybe not so bright.

  5. I have a ton of MIT Speaker Cables and Interconnects. not $30,000 sets, but they ran about $100 each. They really do make a difference compared to running say 22 or even 14 gauge wire. After that, I can’t really tell the difference. I think the rule is that when you get into that expensive wire for interconnects and speaker cables, you need $100,000+ components to plug into, even then the difference in sound will probably be infinitesimal.

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