blue still flying

Wow, it looks like we defeated all of Arnie’s insane propositions. Could it be that the majority of voters in my state aren’t always imbessuls and ultramaroons? That would be such good news.

8 thoughts on “blue still flying

  1. San Francisco voted to 1) ban firearm ownership, and 2) make it official policy not to assist military recruiters in the public schools.
    I was not an enthusiastic supporter of either ballot measure. I think passing both of them together was a major mistake. I’m also disappointed that Proposition 79 didn’t fare better.
    On the other hand, I couldn’t be happier with the rest of the results.

    1. Why of Course – The Diebold Systems Really worked!!!!
      That will show those Evil Doers that it is EVIL to back the KennedyToyBoy who has openly opposed the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!!
      Ok, so It only took me about five tries before the diebold voting machine decidded to actually take the card so that it could decide which were the CORRECT VOTES to make given the Argument From Intelligent Design….

      1. It’s from the “Inappropriate CosPlay Convention Series”. I don’t know what anime or video game she’s supposed to be from.

      2. thanks, I think….
        It just has the appropriate disconcerting ness that goes well with the austrianIsms of the posting, that I just had to complement you on the choices….

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