Proposal: NaGoOvMo

Instead of wasting our time with “National Novel Writing Month” and making up a cute name for it, I propose that we do something useful: overthrow our stupid fucking government, who have proven themselves in their entirety (all branches and both parties) to be wicked, venal, stupid, lazy, arrogant, and dangerous to the entire world. A clean sweep. Replace them maybe with ostriches as Robert Anton Wilson suggested.

I mean, seriously. Even my conservative Republican acquaintances can’t stand these people any more, and those of us on the other side of the aisle would have no problem dumping all the Democrats too. They’ve had their verbal warning and their written warning. It’s time to terminate them and have Security walk them out.

Anyway the thing is, we have to do it together, and we have to do it all in one month. I propose: National Government Overthrow Month, or NaGoOvMo.

Who’s in?

18 thoughts on “Proposal: NaGoOvMo

  1. No offense is intended here, but you don’t really seem to move in conservative circles. If you did you’d probably know that there are still plenty of us wacky conservative Republicans who support this administration. (Extremely accurate and scientific Newsweek polls notwithstanding.)
    But hey, if you’re right, and so many people really ARE sick of both Democrat and Republican politicians, you all don’t need to overthrow the government. You have this little thing called the right to vote. Nobody’s holding a gun to your heads.

    1. One reason I don’t read your livejournal any more is that I can’t stand your politics.
      You don’t know me in real life and you don’t know my friends. I’ve noticed that not all conservatives are brainwashed O’Reilly Factor victims.
      I do vote.
      If your friends keep fixing elections and abrogating my Constitutional rights, that may not be enough at some point.

      1. I don’t agree with your politics, either. Does that mean I refuse to read your journal? No. If I’m mature enough to look past differences in opinion, so are you.
        I tried to be polite in my critique of your post, and you responded by accusing me of being brainwashed. Is it so completely unbelievable that someone could hold a differing opinion?
        You know, I don’t even watch Bill O’Reilly. I find it truly amazing that I could be brainwashed by someone I don’t even watch or listen to. I find it even more amazing that you feel confident in making that assertion, even though you just ripped me for making assumptions about you.

      2. It’s not a matter of “refusing to read”. I read many conservative writers, including the editorials at the Economist and a number of libertarian conservative writers.
        I did not “accuse you of being brainwashed”. If you want to take that implication, feel free, but don’t put words in my mouth. It is not unbelievable that someone would have an opinion different from mine. and and and and a load of people you don’t know have different opinions than mine, and we discuss them.
        I don’t read someone who refers to people with my political views as childish and can type a sentence like “You’d think blacks and liberals would be happy, wouldn’t you?” and publish it. Your personal life and your interests and the stories you have about your day are cool. Most of what you post is politics and from the content you post I can find no common ground between us.
        You despise liberals and call us names, and your heroes are right-wing attack journalists. I don’t need to read your LJ to get a dose of that. I live in Orange County, California.
        I wish you well in your life but I can’t see what can come of a political discussion between us other than needless yelling.

  2. We’re going to start off strong and then get sidetracked reading each other’s NaGoOvMo posts.
    “Whew! I overthrew 5,000 lawmakers today. Plus yesterday that’s 12,000 total lawmakers and I’ve got till Wednesday to meet my goal lol. Good luck everybody!”

  3. I’m there.
    Got any ideas?
    Overthrow, undermine.
    I do it psionically, when I can, and believe it or not, achieved some successes. Not enough to do it, but I sometimes wonder what 10,000 people who believed in it and actually threw LOTS of confusion into their minds could accomplish…
    I’m going to vote anyway. I considered not voting for the first time in my adult life because they steal elections, but if I dun’ vote it won’t get counted either, you know.
    Ralph Reed, Christian Coalition:
    “Voter apathy is the number one factor that will help us take our country back”
    This was said in the 1990s
    When I saw that I changed my mind. Fuck that shit. They’d have us believing in stolen elections and not even bother stealing them and win, if they can get us to give up and roll over.
    I dun’ feel like being burned as a witch, but that’s where we’re heading, y’know.
    Current mood: crunch

    1. Oh, that Ralphy.
      I’m bad at psionic anything. I was just going to do it with a heavy, sharpened shovel. Glad to have you with us!

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