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  1. Hey, don’t convince too many people to hate them just yet. Let’s see what happens to their fan base when they can’t mine anymore 1900s Americana and have to tap some more obscure traditions. I want a War of 1812 album.

  2. I really wish he’d stop offering so many reasons – his sisterwife is cute.
    Am I the only human who can’t sit through a White
    Tripes song? I just can’t do it.

    1. Well, I can sit through a song. I’m sort of forced to ; many of my close friends are fans.
      This isn’t to say that I find it a pleasant experience. Far from it.

      1. Perhaps if you put vaseline in your ears it could muffle the mumph.
        Plus, you’d get that keeno shiny-ear look all the kids go for!

      2. Re: no, you’re not the only one
        I LOVE the idea of just a guitar and drummer. I LOVE that the drummer is a girl. I LOVE that there’s an odd “brothersister?lovers?” gimmick. ALL THINGS THAT MAKE ME GO HMMM…
        If only they didn’t have to go and write songs.
        Isn’t there a WB or Fox show they can star in instead???

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