pennies for the geyser

  1. theuglyvolvo has a wonderful office story that I won’t spoil for you; just read it.
  2. Oops. They built too many of those stupid Hummers. Thanks, kniwt!
  3. has a really sweet shot of some young musicians. Aww.
  4. I grew up watching European animation and loving it, especially Bruno Bozzetto. Someone has collected Flash versions of a few of his shorts, including the wonderful Horror movie one.
  5. Usually landscape and nature photos leave me cold, but Adamus is freakin’ amazing.
  6. Using lots of “hip” 1990s design for the “kids”, McDonalds is taking the McRib on a “farewell tour”. Someone should tell them that their food is bacterial and not viral. Plus, the McRib has had more comebacks than Anna Russell. Plus, it’s gross.
  7. The pharmaceutical industry commissioned a sub-Crichton novel about how terrorists use important Canadian drugs to kill us all. I am not making this up. Makes me wonder in retrospect how much Crichton was paid for Airframe.
  8. Totally cute little Famicom Micro will make Nintendo fans and all video game aficionados happy.
  10. Religious conservatives who support the Republican party should know that the guys in charge call them “wackos” and manipulate and mock them.
  11. How to become an outlaw legend, high speed chase style. Not your average chase video. Wow.
  12. Welcome to sunny Southern California, where parents host “Pimp ‘n’ Ho” parties for their 14-year-old kids.
  13. Louisiana doesn’t have the $3.7 billion that the feds say is “their share” of the cost of Katrina.

14 thoughts on “pennies for the geyser

  1. McRib….
    The only thing:
         I’ve eaten at a McDonald’s in 20 years other than the occasional scalding-hot-plastic-apple-pie-like-object is the McRib sandwich. It’s so marvelously vile, my toes are actually curling right now as I type this. And, of course, there’s the Krusty Burger analogue version which was discontinued when the creature they made it from went extinct: “think smaller,” Krusty tells Homer and the others, “and with more legs.”

      1. Re: McRib….
        There’s gota be a way:
             To combine the McGristle with the McGriddle–surely they have industrial unipaste pancakes at the Golden Arches–and make some sort of unnatural non-pig in a non-blanket.
             Or is Hallowe’en over?
        Mike Again

  2. Of course there’s a farewell tour!
    The irony (or lack thereof, actually) of the McRib farewell tour is that that was actually a major plot in one episode of the Simpsons. SNPP’s Season 14 page says:

    While Homer falls in love with the new limited-time Krusty Ribwich, Lisa enjoys the sudden popularity of being a spelling champ — and soon becomes the state rep for the Spell-lympics. When the Ribwich is discontinued locally, Homer joins up with the Ribheads and follows the mystery meat sandwich tour around the country.

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