Palliative treatment with Oreos is recommended in these cases

  1. Recent email released shows what a comically villainous frat boy dick Michael Brown is. You got that shirt at Nordstrom? How nice! Now, about that pile of corpses…
  2. Stay Free really yanked Cafepress’ chain but good. The site for Panexa is hilarious on its own.
  3. The Harlequin Romance people are branching out. Soon you’ll see “women’s fiction” they’ve produced after a deal with… Oh just click it.

5 thoughts on “Palliative treatment with Oreos is recommended in these cases

  1. America, Fuck Yeah!
    A promo tag line on the author’s website puts the opening plot point of In the Groove this way: “She wouldn’t know a NASCAR star if he hit her with his car – and he just did.”

  2. They’re always after me Lucky Charms!
    Pediatric use: Expired PANEXA may be disposed of by feeding to children in a bowl with milk.
    I almost literally shot peas out my nose!

  3. Walking to the train station through Times Square I saw something on the side of a building about that Michael Brown business, and I thought, “I bet it’s not that bad, you can take a sentence or two out of context from anyone and it’ll sound callous and evil,” but wow. Wow. Some people just shouldn’t be alive.

    1. I don’t know what to make of these. They seem extremely goofy, but if I was in a crisis I think my gravitas would slip from time to time.
      As for the “anything specific I need to do or tweak”, he might be asking for specific recommendations. We don’t know the context of previous or subsequent emails.
      Regardless of his manner, it does prove he was a lying liar about a lot of things, including that he was ignorant of the Superdome problems.

  4. Arabian Horses evacuated in plenty of time…
    …and yet this polesmoker Brown stays on the Gub’mint payroll to the tune of $148,000/yr.
    Why isn’t he being pilloried?

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