But Mr. Hand. Isn’t this OUR time?

  1. Totally awesome supercomputer simulation of the ribosome may give us keys to improved antibiotics. Plus, it’s just totally awesome.
  2. Totally awesome mathematical investigation of soap films produces a new type of surface! It’s a helicoid with a handle for easy carrying, and it’s totally awesome.
  3. The totally awesome Rands has once again diagnosed my horrible illness, in this case “Repetitive Information Injury”. You may well have it too. If you have to have a horrible brain problem, this one is actually totally awesome in a lot of ways.
  4. M.C. Hammer visited Google. That must have been a totally awesome day there.

4 thoughts on “But Mr. Hand. Isn’t this OUR time?

    1. He is a Tom Waits song now
      The guy’s on religious TV these days preaching with intense energy and dedication and of course tremendous volume. He makes no sense at all, and when the camera makes the mistake of sweeping the audience you see that the church is about one fifth full.

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