8 thoughts on “A cellphone call from combat

  1. re
    So angering.
    That should be Cheney making that phone call.
    “George,.. *huff *huff.. this is Dick.. I don’t think we’re gonna make it out of here…”

  2. This phenomenon of moment-of-death calls really shakes me. Those voicemails people sent from the twin towers, to a lesser extent the Jet Blue passengers who watched their own emergency landing on tv while talking about it on their phones. I don’t know if I’d want to hear that call, or make it.

  3. Sentimentality Kills
    Being here and having some information that other people don’t, I would seriously advise taking this article with a grain of salt.
    If it IS true, then that soldier needs a good, solid pounding for a great many different and equally crucial reasons.

    1. Re: Sentimentality Kills
      Oh yes, always a grain of salt with dramatic stuff like that.
      I considered while reading it that it might be a conflation of some real incidents where people phoned in their doom, and stuff like the scene in /Three Kings/ where the guy is phoning home from Iraq after pawing through the pile of cellphones.

      1. Re: Sentimentality Kills
        i actually liked that movie…aside from all the “whatnots”
        but, yes, a grain of salt with anything you read in the “news”.

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