3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween.

  1. I always wonder about that around Halloween when I see realistic decorations “that could be a real body and no one would question it”. But then again, any time I see a bag of trash on the freeway, I think it might have body parts in it.

      1. Yikes, I have never seen anything although I always check. It might make me stop too.
        When I go “hiking” (leisure walk in the park or mountains), I always fear discovering a body. Los Angeles Crest Hwy is popular for being a dumping ground, especially for wanna-be models that get kidnapped by someone posing as a photographer.
        I have a sick fascination with this kind of stuff although I’ve never been exposed to it in person. I was hooked on the cable show “forensic files” until I realized it was contributing to my nightmares. So I quit cold turkey.

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