The New Face of Prostitution, 2005

On Myspace:

hey i no you prolly don’t know me, maybe you do, i thought i had a message from you once, anyways i was just lookin up on profiles and thought you were hot. I totally like older guys than me its cool.. I am drinkin so forgive me if i am ramblin but yea, so add me as a friend, or lets chat on my webcam if you want, its free, you can get there from my profile. What is up? You not going out? lets party lol

10 thoughts on “The New Face of Prostitution, 2005

  1. My bot can beat up your bot 😀
    I get such a better class of MySpace bot. She liked me so much she sent me this message TWICE 😀
    Katie here, whatz up??
    Body: Hey its me again maybe? LoL this thing is crazy lol, you gonna watch football like every other guy today? I love your profile and you intrigue me, I only go for older guys usually, i’d love to chat with you if you are still online here. I have a webcam which im sure a lot of people have, but we will have more fun on mine hahah, before you ask yes ITS FREE, you can get to it from my homepage. Hopefully you are still online and can chat with me for a while, ttys sweatheart
    Katie Kate

  2. Friendster’s been being spammed by bots as well. Random pictures of conventionally hot girls, saying they’ve just moved to your city and asking if you want to hang out, but “I don’t check friendster alot so you shld check out my website pls” and then some random url.

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