Orange County Vignettes


I was at the coffee house talking to a young (22 year old) guy I know, and one of his friends came up to greet him. The guy had a large bandage on one hand obviously covering a bad cut. On questioning, he revealed that he’d been in the back of a limousine on the freeway, and that after sudden braking he’d slashed his hand open on a broken champagne glass.


At the Kragen Auto Parts, a beautiful and willowy young woman with luminous blue eyes and long blonde hair is buying some small automotive part or other. In line ahead of her is a strong-and-simple young bro guy with backwards ball cap, tattoos, and Black Flys sunglasses. He asks her what she’s fixing, and after some back and forth he realizes that she has a completely incorrect item and takes her back to the aisle and they point at things and talk for a bit. They return with different items. He obviously wants a phone number. They go outside together and there’s an awkward five minute conversation in which she puts him off in the most pleasant possible way and he persists in the most gentlemanly possible way, and then she leaves in a gigantic black SUV. He returns to working on his ten year old BMW sedan, which is also black.

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