Got some groceries, some peanut butter

  1. Way, way too many evolution fish emblem things. Most of them are dumb Supercilious Atheist stuff, but I really liked the lutefisk and gefilte ones, and the skeleton fishy. Courtesy springheel_jack.
  2. Only in the O.C.: “The Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department, Forensic Science Services Division (Santa Ana, California) recently received two separate tablet submissions, both suspected MDMA. The first submission consisted of four off-white tablets with an “LV” (Louis Vuitton) logo, average net mass 240 – 250 milligrams.” Via the DEA’s Microgram report.


  3. Camel WHAT. Thanks to wearescott.
  4. HOWTO make a head in a jar.
  5. Thanks for the spyware, Blizzard! (via Bruce Schneier).

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