I just got this press release from Mobilization. Savage Republic and Blixa Bargeld are gonna tour the West Coast! I AM SO EXCITED. VERY EXCITED, HERE.

Portlanders take note: Savage Republic is playing Portland on November 10 as well. The text on refers to a “Northwest Tour” but I don’t know where else they’re playing. Fans of loud clanking noises, Middle East/African themed instrumentals, and Joy Division-y gloomgrind music should attend. Correction, must attend. Edited press release below.

Media Contact: destroy5 ‘at’ mobilization. dot Com
(650) 619-3695



MOBILIZATION.COM confirmed today that “seminal” Los Angeles tribal post-punk pioneers SAVAGE REPUBLIC will join BLIXA BARGELD (of EINSTURZENDE NEUBAUTEN / NICK CAVE and the BAD SEEDS) in the upcoming “HOW TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE

– PART 5” festival.
$15 Advance, $18 Door (If not sold out)
**For 2 day events, there are a limited number of $23 festival passes**

The festival dates are:

THUR Jan 27
– Los Angeles – The Echo Lounge
FRI Jan 28
– (TBA)
SAT Jan 29
– San Francisco – Studioz
WED Feb 2 – (TBA)
THUR Feb 3 – Portland, Oregon @ The Old Church (2Gyrls Productions)
FRI Feb 4 – Seattle, WA (Venue TBA)
SAT Feb 5 – (TBA)
SUN Feb 6 – Calgary, AB
Press and ticket information is available at
Tickets are on sale now at

A limited number of advance discount tickets and festival passes are available now.
(Note that at press time some dates were already selling quickly and are expected to sell out.)


BLIXA BARGELD is performing a rare solo vocal concert entitled “Rede/Speech”. Be aware that this is NOT a “speech”. Rather, Blixa uses an invented form of vocal alchemy through direct audience interactions and pre-defined topics. Similar to his part in Einsturzende Neubauten, Blixa serves as a sonic architect, directing and molding form and beauty from randomness and chaos. Blixa has his vocals processed live by long time Neubauten sound engineer Boris Wilsdorf. Although hard to categorize, this technique allows for a “real time” interplay of vocal ideas with patterns and rhythms produced by the audio effects themselves (similar at least in concept with Diamanda Galas). The performance is really a duet between performer and engineer. . Together audience and shaman pick words and phrases to create an aural blend of pseudo scientific ephemera and magic, mesmerizing the audience and building to a classic Blixa crescendo. This performance promises to remind us why Blixa was selected to give the voice and screams to the mummy in the 1999 “The Mummy”. This is the US debut of this mesmerizing performance that has appeared throughout Europe for over a decade.

NOTE: The U.S. performances will be mainly in English. A limited edition DVD of the “Rede/Speech” performance will be available at the tour.

Video samples from past performances are online at

Blixa Bargeld | Official

SAVAGE REPUBLIC is performing their first and only show since their one off 2002 reunion. A new CD EP is expected prior to the show, a new unreleased live DVD.

Other acts unconfirmed but planned at this time include:



PDX: 2 day festival confirmed. Second night confirmed with WALDTEUFEL (Markus Wolff of Crash Worship), SORIA and SYNCHRONICITY FREQUENCY.


Information & tickets:

4 thoughts on “HOW TO DESTROY THE UNIVERSE (January ’06)!

  1. silence is sexy
    For about three seconds I was thrilled to near-insanity that the guy from Neubauten would be touring with FM radio shock jock Michael Savage. The eleventieth sign of the Apocalypse, surely. I still might go.

  2. Hmm. Need to talk to this Boris.
    Savage Republic have infinite punk cred from having followed the DIY method in several formats. I’ve always admire their artwork. They are real men. They have real needs.

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