The Omnichord

What a strange and terrible instrument this is; a revenant from the Before-Time of the 1980s, unexpected and antique and terrifying like the Balrog in Lord of the Rings. Except cheesier. It combines the best features of the Ultimate Preschool Teacher Instrument, the autoharp, with the 1980s Beep Boop Not Quite a Casio Synthesizer. changeng wields this awful weapon with grace, panache, and a creepy grin. Especially while playing “Having my Baby” or “We Built This City”.


5 thoughts on “The Omnichord

  1. By the Way –
    You’ll wig out at the coincidence/synchronicity of this:
    Today, in my store, who should come walking in but Kjehl Johansen – guitarist from Trotsky Icepick!! I hadn’t seen him in years (pretty much since Trotsky played). I popped up LJ & showed him your post/my response & he said that they had all been together at the release party for that disc – the Last, Trotsky/Danny &/100 flowers, etc…we chatted for about 1/2 an hour. Cool.


      1. That was, of course, the album where Paul Kantner jumped ship, so they had to jettison the “Jefferson” and billed themselves as “Starship”. At my college radio station, someone scratched that out and wrote “Wheelchair”


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