I just failed.

And I get to watch the long arc of the failure, all the way down into the shit, for years and years.

I have to be honest. It hurts like hell.

5 thoughts on “I just failed.

  1. I really wish I knew how to help 🙁
    We’re in so much the same place, the only difference being that I no longer care. I’m not suggesting that’s an answer, but over time it seems to be mine.
    You really need to come East. There’s this new place called Denny’s I want to try, but I really don’t want to go alone.
    Ouch. Stop hitting me. Oh, wait, it feels good.

  2. Hey me too! We can start our own club. “The permanently damaged” maybe? Or maybe “I Take My Medication BUT THIS IS As GOOD AS IT GETS SO SOD OFF!!!” You pick the name, as long as I can be a member.

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