Beyond Good and Emo

  1. In Origins of Superheroes news: Climber guy freezes lower legs off, learns how to make prosthetics, designs new artificial knee, rebuilds his legs better than before, is now 8 feet tall..
  2. In Science Proves What We All Knew news, USC researchers find that pathological liars have extra brain material to help them keep track of all that bullshit.
  3. If you haven’t seen it, the video for Coil’s 1986 version of “Tainted Love” is amazing. Thanks to transbuddha for reposting it.
  4. Elegant, sophisticated, rebellious, and eternally fashionable: Black toilet paper.
  5. The Who has been a tragic joke for years, and now the inevitable biopic approaches. Click to find out just how bad it will be!
  6. Tom Coates finally had the first contact in 28 years with his father, and made an eloquently emotional blog post about it. Because this is the Internet, the next thing that happened was that ad agency stooges trolled his blog for a product promo. And then he tracked them down.
  7. Our governator won’t permit gay marriage. Could this be because he’s a RETIRED MANWHORE? Maybe he and Jeff Gannon can get together to “pump us up”.

3 thoughts on “Beyond Good and Emo

  1. Poor Keith. He deserved so much better, and now Roger and Pete are going to rape his corpse for cash. Pity they didn’t die before they got old.

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