You can’t fight in here, this is the war room!

  1. An incredibly bitter and sadly accurate obituary of M. Scott Peck, the spiritual psychology self-help writer. His first book was reasonably useful but the rest of his career was a waste, and apparently he was the Peter Sellers of popular moral philosophy. Via Robot Wisdom
  2. The LA Times has a good piece on food safety at Chinese places. Chinese friends of mine tell me that if the grade is better than C it’s probably not authentic. Then again, my cultural tolerance doesn’t extend to salmonella or living insects in my rice.
  3. Pets in Uniform! Pets in Uniform! PETS IN UNIFORM? Via memepool.
  4. Robot finds 600 barrels of pirate loot. I assume the robot has one leg and an eye patch.

12 thoughts on “You can’t fight in here, this is the war room!

  1. I cannot believe that people actually pay that guy $20 to make shitty photoshops of their pets.
    That’s not true — I can believe it, but it pisses me off so much that I cannot handle that belief.
    They’re not even very good photoshops.

  2. I like how the “Related links” for the article about the Chilean treasure are all “Pinochet’s Reign of Terror”, “The Coup in Chile”, “US Aid to Pinochet”, “First-Hand Accounts of the Coup”, etc., because that must be all that ever comes up on a topic search for Chile in the news.
    Doesn’t help their tourism board much, really. “Come to Chile! We’ll drug you and throw you into the ocean from a plane!” No, wait, that’s Argentina. In Chile they just cut your hands off.

  3. Four-rats general
    I can just imagine a scenario where I send that guy a picture of a rat and he’s all “I WILL NOT PHOTOSHOP A MILITARY UNIFORM ON THIS RAT BECAUSE OMG DISRESPECT AND NEVAR FORGET” but in reality I know that he’d probably sell his grandma for a fistful of quarters.

  4. About that robot: just gimme a minute and a blowtorch and it will be much more pirate-y. I just need to figure out where to put that eye patch … maybe over the doohickey on the left side?

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