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Lighten up you Hater-Nerd-Milos out there!, May 26, 2005
Reviewer: Khausmo “khausmo” (Tokyo, Japan) – See all my reviews
I was very nervous making this purchase. Unneccesarily so…the HP-33s is a good calculator with terrific value. The engineers and scientists who have applied their robust intellects at reviling this product are over-doing it. The small decimal point is indeed an issue, but as another reviewer pointed out, just use fixed-point notation and you’ll be fine. If you can’t see it, you’re not working/studying in an environment with enough light. So do something about it, don’t blame the calculator. This flaw should not deter anyone from purchasing this calculator, unless…you are anal-retentive and stubbornly and childishly fuss about details. Not saying it’s wrong to be that way…just know yourself…if you’re like that, then the decimal point issue will bug you…so don’t buy it. Seriously people, how many times are you going to be working with the number 2,222,222.2222? As for complaints about accuracy when working with complex numbers and random number generation etc…I only have an engineer’s background in mathematics, but I know not to do hard-core calcs with a mere calculator, even an HP. If it’s your final project or thesis, use a computer with Mathmatica or Excel or MATLAB. For people like me (studying for the PE), this calculator is a fresh update from the 32SII. HP could have done better, but didn’t do THAT bad. I think some reviewers with a noticeably left brain tendency are focusing some frustration from their social lives on this poor innocent calculator. I would have reversed the direction of the keys…so that the ‘V’ shape was pointing toward the display, not down toward you. This better matches the natural configuration of your hands. It’s well-built and lighter. It looks sexy…the same people complaining about the design are out of touch with current design trends and aesthetics…they’ve been trapped in the basements of post-mondernist, utilitarian technical schools or companies and haven’t cracked a copy of Wallpaper* magazine or seen the latest line of Infiniti luxury automobiles. This calculator takes a step closer to being GUCCI and a step away from being GRANDPA. So much complaining about the colors…this is from people that probably haven’t bought a fresh tie in years. A chick in the library or coffee shop might actually come over and pick it up and start talking to me. The signature HP characteristics are there: RPN capable (algebraic is bonus, but not really needed for me), clicking keys that offer clear assurances of crisp, definite key strokes, powerful features that attempt to meet the needs of everyday engineers, scientists and other technical practioners. They’re trying to meet the requirements of a wide range of users. Of course, not any one group will be happy. The endless whining over the location of things like the ENTER button shows the silliness of some of the reviewers. How much complaining do people do when they buy a new cellphone and the menu button is different? It’s not a big deal because you get a new cellphone like every year, unlike these guys who are probably still using their first calculators. I would have put the ENTER button next to the C button, but then you might accidently clear your registers, doh! At least switch the 0 and the ‘.’ buttons, so that the numbers would match a phone keypad, which we all use and know. Anyone who knows really smart people, knows that they sometimes get worked up over little , nit-noid details. Think the guy from Office Space that was annoyed over the red stapler. If that is the case for you, then drop on a -48GX on ebay for $100, but if you want the 32SII with a new, slick exterior, then the -33S is for you. Don’t listen to the haterz! For the record, I’m a HP vet with an -11C, -28S, -32SII, -48GX in my history.

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