Today’s craigslist.

Missed connections, of course. Missed a few other things too.

The hottie in the black skirt at the STD clinic – m4w – 25
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Date: 2005-09-24, 2:15AM PDT

I couldnt help from noticing you in the clinic.You were so hott!That black skirt,long brown hair,and smile.It reminded me of BASIC INSTINCT.Was that wrong of me?I dont know what i was thinking about more getting my test done,or getting your number,or how dirty u are,or if i could give u a test at home.We had some great conversation!What else can u really talk about before a test?I was wondering how it turned out and i wanna take u out.Dirty or not.Well just e-mail me back with what i first said to u.Id love to hear from u.I cant stop thinkin of ya.rarrrrrr tiger

* this is in or around Huntington beach

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  1. oh cool thanks for posting this! i stopped by the clinic the MorNing after the LoCaL FrATt ParTaY! (goTTa GeT thE MoRniNg AFteR PiLL!) he was HoTt.

  2. re: I can lead you through The Forbidden Zone – 28
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    Date: 2005-09-24, 8:26AM PDT
    Who cares what gender they are, sex with a man-sized monkey……that’s great no matter what anyways! Have you ever tried to hold down a less intelligent smaller monkey and try to fuck it in the mouth without it biting you….it ain’t fun….not that I’d know…but this guy I met once told me…..and everbody knows that those apes aren’t in the Forbidden Zone anymore…they are in Hanger 18 with the Reptoids, the greys, and other aliens captured by the gov’t….duh….get with it man….now i’ve got to get back to my D&D game…..I’m dungeon master today and apes no matter what size, are no match for my fighter-magic user. Also make sure you never bend a tire when putting someone’s bike in the back of you car. (you said you read these, so here’s something for you S.)
    this is in or around Pdx

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