bruised orange (chain of sorrow)

  1. Chicken restaurant puts on calendar of cows in armor.
  2. FTC finally gets around to investigating gasoline profiteering. Mm-hmm.
  3. It’s only a very small nuclear power plant radioactive water leak. Everything is fine.
  4. Visiting Motor Trend online? If you’re not a subscriber you have to watch not an ad banner, not an “interstitial”, not a “premercial” even, but an ULTRAMERCIAL!
  5. Post a pic of a dead Iraqi, get free porn! Wow, it’s like we decided to do the Vietnam war over using Apocalypse Now as a model!
  6. My mother remembers her father grabbing her and her brother from the movie theatre and dragging them home because of the great Anaheim flood of 1938. (She grew up in Santa Ana and was born in ’29). Yeah, we have floods here in the O.C. too.

4 thoughts on “bruised orange (chain of sorrow)

  1. Chic-Fil-A has been using a cow as their spokesmodel for a while. The campaign I remember showed the cow standing with a crudely-drawn sign that read “eet mor chikn”. Too bad their food sucked.
    The new calendar is pretty cute too.

    1. Blasphemer.
      Chick-fil-A still uses the cows holding misspelled signs. And they have done several calendars now. I think one of the first was cow superheroes.

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