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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for giving a link that lead to me reading this:
    “Just thought I would share this story. My four year old was talking so much about the angels yesterday and had to use my angel cards, he says AA Raphael is his favorite and fixes all his boo boos all the time with his green light. But he was sitting in my bedroom under the window and trying to catch the angels as he was talking to them. He then told me that they said they were hungry and would like to feed them so I asked him what they would like to eat and he said cornflakes. So he filled up a little ziploc bag with cornflakes and sat in my room and had a picnic with them, he said he had to break them smaller as they only had little mouths!! He must have sat there for about 1 1/2 hours and just chatted it up with them! Today he also wanted me to call them to come back and play with him. He had to set my angel cards out all over the living room and pick out the ones he wanted to come to him. Tammy”
    This, second ONLY to the nearly intact dead armadillo is the most magical thing I have seen this morning.

    1. I feel sorry for that kid. He’s just trying to play pretend like a normal little human and his mother has to make it super fucking Significant. JUST LET THE KID PLAY PRETEND FOR GOSH SAKES.

      1. Yeah that’s what I was thinking. It’s like when you’re little and you’re playing batman with a blanket around your neck, but your mom wigged out and dug you a batcave and started calling you master bruce.
        that would be awesome.

  2. I can’t wait until I’m at Target and a child is throwing a tantrum and calling himself “King Chase” or “King Chauncey” or something and have the mother look over her should at me and explain that he is an “indigo child”.
    That’s the day I will have the best livejournal entry ever.

  3. This is a new and disturbing facet of the delusional mommy cult. I recommend immediate and mandatory interaction with adult humans. Failing that, into the woodchipper!
    This post inspired me to make a new icon which I am unfortunately completely unable to make even remotely small enough byte-wise to satisfy livejournal’s spartan requirements. So, today only:

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